Jim & Reggie's Favorite Video Links:

Penn & Teller Get Stumpted!----- Pretty Amazing

Five Ways To Cook A Cricket!----- Sauteed Scourge, Baked Bugs, Ground Gryllidae, Shish Ke-Bug or Tempura TemPest! Umm Umm!

FREE Housing for Illegal Immigrants!----- This explains why we're broke!

Hispanic Leaders Speak Out!!----- Very Scary!

UFO Case from 1986----- Close Encounters?

Super Couponing----- Find out how to get $110 worth of groceries for $29.00

Government Gone Wild ----- Unbelievable!

Cape Cod Has The Spirit----- Patriotic flash mob at a Stop & Shop in Cape Cod!

Betty White's top 10 ways to lead a long and happy life----- From David Letterman show 6/13/11!

Old Time Videos----- Hours of FREE entertainment at your fingertips!

Bring Me Sunshine----- Very uplifting and Cool Daddy-O!

Father Daughter Wedding Dance----- Gets Started Slow But Worth Watching!

Resource Links:

Groupon----------Get discounts from local merchants

Win 97% Of Your Sports Bets----- Take It From Me. This Really Works!

36 Month Movie Download Membership For Only $39.95----- No Limit! Download As Many Movies As You Want!

Guard Your Family Against Internet Porn----- Great Software Program!

The Diet Solution----- Awsome Fat Burning System!

Spy Bubble----- Find Out If Your Partner Is Being Unfaithful!

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